Restore your teeth with ceramic fillings and crowns that are almost identical to your own teeth – in a single visit!

At the Perfect Smile Clinic we have invested in Cerec technology that enables us to design, create and fit a porcelain filling, dental crown or veneer during a single appointment – something that could have taken at least two weeks and required multiple visits in the past.

  • All restorations are perfectly colour-matched to your existing teeth and the work can be completed during your appointment without the need for impressions or temporary fittings.
  • Porcelain fillings crafted using Cerec are much stronger and more durable than large amalgam (silver) or white filings.
  • The Cerec camera is used to take a picture of the teeth. This is very quick and generally eliminates the need for a traditional impression with paste, that many patients dislike.
  • You can then relax while your dentist designs the new restoration on the computer. Within a matter of minutes the crown is milled and ready to bond to your tooth.

Would you like to find out more? Please call us and we’d be happy to explain.

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