Dental Implants – The Stable Solution for Missing Teeth

31, Jul 2018

Every person is an individual. And every patient is different when it comes to replacing missing teeth. Here at the Perfect Smile Clinic Ltd, we are certain we can find a solution for you!

Tooth loss shouldn’t mean the end of enjoying your favourite foods or being concerned about the way you look. Often people are curious about the replacement that is most like having your own teeth. Implants can last a lifetime if treated like a normal tooth.

How do dental implants work?

The main reason that people prefer to opt for implants is stability. They are designed to replace the tooth’s root (the support). They become a part of your body by integrating with your jawbone.

A crown, commonly known as a cap, is placed on top of the implant and is made of durable ceramic. This is very good at withstanding the day-to-day normal wear that a normal tooth would endure.

Dental implant versatility

For those who need to replace more than 1 or 2 teeth, or a whole upper or lower jaw, they can look towards using implants as a tool towards other dental treatments. For example, implants can be used in conjunction with fixed appliances such as bridges, or removable appliances such as dentures. This helps eliminate slippage or mobility of dentures and allows dental bridges to replace more missing teeth at once, potentially avoiding the need for a partial denture.

Expensive solution?

Some people can be put off investigating dental implants due to the cost of them. Dental implants are a state-of-the-art medical approach to treatment that has been perfected over the past few decades. We are confident we can help you achieve the best possible solution.

In the long term, dental implants are commonly found to be the more economical choice.

What should I do if I would like more information?

If you’re set on finding out more about our dental implants, or even want to know more about gap replacement options, give our friendly receptionists a call! Alternatively, you can fill out a form on our website.

We are currently offering a free consultation with Nami Farkhondeh, a dentist with a special interest in implantology. More information about Nami can be found on his website. Alternatively we can book you with our consultant implantologist, Andrew Barber.