How to get your Stubborn Husband to go to the Dentist!

15, Jun 2018

If you have a stubborn significant other in your life, then you’ll know where we’re coming from! No one enjoys going to the dentist. For most it’s nothing more than a minor inconvenience to fit into an already very busy day. For some, however, they want to avoid it at all costs. And, no matter what you do, no amount of nagging will get them to pick up the phone and book themselves an examination. Just what is going on?

Understanding why they are stubborn

The most common reason for not visiting the dentist – male or female – is fear. Lots of people get put off attending the dentist by bad memories, or stories of painful and stressful dental visits. Sometimes it is just a nagging matter that engrosses someone. For some people – male or female – it can be difficult to accept being in pain. They worry they may be seen as someone with a weakness! As silly as it might sound, they might not want to tell the truth or seek help, in case they are laughed at.

Taking action

It’s a sad truth that no amount of nagging on your part is going to help. However, if your significant other is in frequent pain, swelling or experiencing bad breath and your patience is wearing thin, then there’s no need to sit back! You could take direct action, depending on how serious the problem is. This could be making an appointment on their behalf and attending with them. If you have children, then you may want to explain that it will be setting a good example to them.

Dealing with fear

If it is related to fear, then a direct action approach may not be the best way forward. Explaining to the dental practice just what the problem is and they will be able to help you. We can arrange for you to have a conversation over the phone, or an appointment where you are in control of how much you can tolerate. If treatment is required, this can be phased so it is more manageable by use of local anaesthetics. Or you could look more into sedation, which is also offered at the practice.

Why does it matter?

Attending the dentist according to their recalls (for example 6 months time) is so important in so many ways. Obviously you want to stay in tip-top condition, so why do we let our examinations fall behind? Without these regular appointments, it’s much harder to keep your teeth clean and healthy – even if you’re an enthusiastic tooth brusher and flosser! A visit to the dentist allows a professional to look for any signs of tooth decay, gum disease and even oral cancer. Obviously this doesn’t always mean that any treatment is necessary. It can be as simple as a recommendation to visit the hygienist. But we at the Perfect Smile Clinic Ltd will always work to the maxim that prevention is better than cure. With regular appointments, followed by a good oral hygiene routine, this goes for everyone!

Other conditions

Coming to the dentist isn’t just about examining your teeth and gums. It’s also very important in helping manage other health conditions you might have. Diabetes, for example, can increase the chances of gum disease. And did you know that your dental problems have a direct link to your heart condition? This is because the “bad” bacteria in the mouth can travel around the body in your bloodstream. All in all, seeing your dentist for an examination is a good way to ensure you maintain good health! Which is what we at the Perfect Smile Clinic Ltd is all about.